Lena Rivard-Cohen



  1. Juliette has a Gun
  2. Blend Hamburger
  3. Amélie Pichard
  4. Mad Lords
  5. Marie Marot

  1. Eurazeo
  2. Breteuil Homes
  3. Aurlom Education

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I am a senior brand strategist who provides companies with creative and marketing direction. I love young brands, heritage brands, corporate brands, from miscellaneous landscapes such as beauty, fashion, hospitality business, food and beverage and premium corporate services.

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1. Eurazeo (Sivaé Group)


    Co-lead Wagaïa, Elodie Ravaux

Eurazeo is a private equity fund that focuses on sustainable companies. Its latest investment in energy recovery, 2BSI, is specialized in the valorization of woods, concretes and waste management. I have fully rebranded the group and provided it with a new name, brand architecture and identity. Language elements, intellectual property process, logo and brand platform design, UX and UI, copy writing and implementation of 6 websites, social media strategy, employer image.