Lena Rivard-Cohen



  1. Juliette has a Gun
  2. Blend Hamburger
  3. Amélie Pichard
  4. Mad Lords
  5. Marie Marot

  1. Eurazeo
  2. Breteuil Homes
  3. Aurlom Education

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I am a senior brand strategist who provides companies with creative and marketing direction. I love young brands, heritage brands, corporate brands, from miscellaneous landscapes such as beauty, fashion, hospitality business, food and beverage and premium corporate services.

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5. Mad Lords

            Photographers Emmanuelle Hauguel, Paul Clichy

Mad Lords is a Parisian multibrand jewelry concept store that gathers a community of super-aware clients and out-of-the-box designers. Its underground curation is perfect material for a solid crowd culture, which I enhanced through a new signature and branding, built around those-who-don’t-belong. I structured new language elements, bought art and put together flexible teams for easy plug and play visual production, featuring dancers, artists and company employees to endorse. Campaign production, brand platform and content, high-impact street billposting Paris Fashion Week.